Turning Professional Insights

Into Readable Content.

I write home improvement articles based on expert insights that are readable and enjoyable enough for the average person. 

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mark soto

About Me.

My name is Mark Soto, I write home improvement articles that are easy and clear enough for the average person to understand. Whether your target market is homeowners, business owners, other contractors, or DIY consumers, I can write articles that will bring targeted traffic to your website.  

What Others Say

Mark is a sharp, solid writer who takes creative initiative to deliver detailed, accurate, and enjoyable work. He produces ready-to-publish articles, and goes above and beyond to provide useful, actionable information, combining his personal expertise with a keen eye for valuable quotes from other professional, authoritative sources.

Caleb Mayo

Editor for DoItYourself.com

Mark is an intrepid, knowledgeable and reliable writer with an endless stream of new, relevant story ideas for our pro and DIY channels. He's especially skilled at tracking down experts to provide insight on a range of topics. A pleasure to work with.

Berit Thompson

Editor for FamilyHandyman.com

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