Freelance Construction Writer

When you want to cover articles for the construction industry, you need an expert who knows how to speak to your specific audience.

If you’re a construction business that sells materials to contractors, a construction SAAS company that provides software to help owners manage their projects, a company that provides financing to construction companies to help them grow, or even a company looking to reach homeowners who might need your services, I can help meet your content marketing goals.

I’ve written for large companies like GAF, McCoys, ConstructionExecutive, and FamilyHandyman, covering different topics from the business and finance side of construction to the various materials contractors can choose from.

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Why Hire Me For Construction Content?

I’ve written a wide range of construction content covering everything from how to increase your construction profits to explaining the differences between roofing nails and providing a clear explanation of what Fleece-Back TPO is for contractors. I’ve also covered articles for construction SaaS companies comparing different construction software.

According to Skyword, my articles have received over 494,869 pageviews. I know how to write in-depth articles that are engaging and with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind to get them to rank high on search engines like Google, bringing readers to your blog and increasing company revenue.

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This is what one of my editors says about me:

“When identifying writers for B2B assignments, Mark is often my first thought. He approaches each topic thoughtfully and keeps the audience in mind throughout, making sure to touch on all of the technical points and peripheral benefits. Mark has lots of experience interviewing SMEs in the construction field and is able to leverage their quotes and insights to strengthen the overall piece while meeting the original need.” – Pierce Smith, Editor for Skyword, who has reviewed some of the articles I’ve written for GAF.  

Here are some writing samples for the construction industry that I’ve previously written: – Covers what type of materials roofing contractors may need for a job, with the goal to promote GAF construction software and materials. – A general guide on tips on how construction contractors can increase their profitability. – Interviewed other construction business owners to come up with a handy list of tips on how contractors can improve their communication with their customers. – A general guide aimed at contractors and property manager audiences to show how they can work together to improve their business. – A very in-depth piece covering the use of rebar and exactly when construction contractors should use it for their projects.


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